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It is reasonable to protect the camping car through an alarm. Because the camping car is an important investment for everyone. According to media reports, RV is a hot target for thieves. Because it’s not only of high value, but also people often put expensive items in the camping car.

In order to improve everyone’s anti-theft skills. in addition to the installation of the RV alarm accident. That we should also do the following two points:

First, it’s helpful to remember simple precautions. For example, when you leave the vehicle, which close the windows and doors.Don’t leave your valuables in the car. Also, don’t try to leave your camping car unattended for long periods of time.

Second, when the vehicle is left unattended. Your insurance company may ask you to take additional security measures, such as installing an alarm/anti-theft/tracking system. In some cases, some insurance companies will specify that you install the security devices.

The survey found, There are many inferior security alarms on the market. Because use of these inferior products that owners have suffered huge losses!

Today, in order to avoid you buying inferior alarms on the market. In the best wiper blades contents, we have already said that the harm caused by inferior car supplies. The safety engineer at Edabc recommended 5 of the best RV alarms on the market (sold on the Internet). We believe that will provide you the level of security what you need.It also provide good protection for your RV.

We selected 5 alarms for the RV In 2019

After reading the 5 alarms we recommend, you will see the purchase guide. This guide will help you quickly understand the various security alarms on the market.

NameInstallation Method
1.RingNon-destructive installation
2.Wsdcam Magnetic Sensor Time Delay AlarmNon-destructive installation
3.UniquExceptional UMA20Non-destructive installation
4.Fortress Security DIY SecurityNon-destructive installation
5.Viper 1-Way Keyless EntryProfessional installation

1.Ring – Motion Sensor RV Alarm

Motion Sensor RV Alarm

We first recommended the Ring alarm motion detector. Because it provides multi-function protection (can be used for houses, cars, shops, boats…). Most importantly, the Ring alarm motion detector is a great budget for many people. This price/quality is rare in the market. Most users can enjoy the security and convenience brought by it.

But what protection does the Ring alarm motion detector provide?

Well, this device is actually a motion detector. When activated, if someone approaches your camper (or the item you want to protect). It will emit a loud alarm of around 130 decibels. Therefore, this model can very effectively stop some theft. If you hear an alert nearby, you will quickly find the thief target.

In addition, which people are not suitable for this product?

You leave the vehicle very far. No one in the vicinity can hear the alarm. It may not be the best alert for your needs (click here to solve this problem: Ring Alarm Security System).

“Reputation! Very suitable for installation in my RV. Small enough to be installed outside the front door to prevent malicious thieves from visiting us.

The remote control can even be operated with the door closed. The sound is the high Decibel noise… Beautiful ending, I recommend this alarm!”

Ring alarm is battery powered when running wirelessly. You can control it with the buttons on your device. In addition, the remote control provided by the Ring Alarm Security System.It also can control the setting of alarms.

As we told you before, the reason we recommend this alarm is versatility.

In fact, except for your RV. Ring alarm motion detector can also be used in your home, store and other environments. For better results, you need to use the Ring Alarm Security System to fully cover the area you want to protect. In this way, you can accurately transfer your RV information to your family or relatives in real time.

With the Ring Alarm Security System, you can trigger a remote alert. About the protection of the camper: the detection angle is about 110 degrees, and the detection distance is 8-10 meters. These data fully reflect that the alarm is an effective model.

In addition, the price of the Ring alarm motion detector is very reasonable. By choosing this model, you will also receive a satisfactory quality assurance and refund policy.

What we like
  • Very affordable price
  • Good distance and detection angle
  • it can be used with other sensors (for more protection properties)
What we regret
  • It is only suitable for use when someone is close to the RV

2.Wsdcam Magnetic Sensor Time Delay Alarm – Good Alert For Wireless RV

Good Alert For Wireless RV

In terms of performance and quality,Wsdcam’s magnetic sensor is superior to other brands in the market. We must turn to another level to discuss it. Of course, It’s prices ! In our opinion, Wsdcam’s sirens have good performance. It is quite affordable compared to other slow-reacting products.

Compared to all the magnetic sensors we reviewed. We have already told you before that, it has a sensitive response speed. In this list, it’s definitely a very good model for deterrent thieves.

These alarms are great quality for the price and are super easy to install. They’re very sensitive and loud…I actually wish they were a little louder but they would wake me up and would definitely startle an intruder.
How to transform 4 functions?
  1. On & off the switch 1 time, it will be in Alarm mode. It alarms when doors/windows are open; Stops when they are closed.
  2. On & off the switch 2 times, it will be in Constant Alarm mode. It alarms at least 10s when triggered.
  3. On & off the switch 3 times, it will be in Closing-door Hint mode. It sounds “Di–Di-Di” when doors/windows are open; Stops when they are closed.
  4. On & off the switch 4 times, it will be in Doorbell mode. It sounds “Dingdong” when doors/windows are open.

Note: Every time switch on & off should within 3s after the beep of the last switch on & off. Otherwise, it start anew.

Great lille devices and amazing price for 10 pack with batteries. 4 different modes are nice feature. Installation was easy. I recommend placing it at the bottom of the RV window which will make easier when it comes to turning on/off the units, changing the modes or batteries.

Some reviewers said a few of them were defective so we checked as soon as receiving, luckily all were in perfect working condition.

What we like
  • Sensitive speed
  • Energy saving
  • Easy installation
What we regret
  • Mode settings should be careful

3.UniquExceptional UMA20 – A Cheap RV Alarm

A Cheap RV Alarm

We have reviewed UniquExceptional’s infrared alarms. It is a low cost solution to protect camping car. At first glance, this RV alarm is very simple! But we still found some very interesting features.

Again, we are using a versatile model. However, the detection angle is quite low — ranging from 10 to 30 degrees. The detection distance is about 20-25 feet, which is very suitable for RV. But not suitable for large properties like houses or shops.

How does this system work?

Using an infrared sensor, the UniquExceptional alarm has a 130dB sound system. Start ringing when a violation is found.

Another thing I don’t like: when it detects motion it gives a warning beep before the actual alarm goes off. Why on earth would you want to warn a burglar that an alarm is going to go off in a few seconds?

However, for low-cost models like the UniquExceptional alarm. we found it provides a very good price/quality ratio.

“Currently there are thieves in my area. I am a bit worried about being hurt. I installed a motion detector on the aisle very powerful. Then my neighbors tested this efficient system together. I’ve always determined that it’s very strong. Dissuasion!”
What we like
  • Loud noise
  • Easy to setup
  • Runs with battery
What we regret
  • Stop making noise after 30 seconds if it doesn’t detect any movement

4.Fortress Security DIY Security – Good Alarm System For RV

Good Alarm System For RV

Here, we recommend the third is the alarm system of the Fortress Security brand. It’s similar to the Ring Alarm Security System. Fortress Security’s alarm system can also connect to other sensors. Provides multi-purpose protection (for your RV, house, apartment, garden shed…).

What is the difference between Fortress Security and UniquExceptional UMA20?

First, in the case of trying to invade. There is also a motion detector that emits a loud alarm of 118db. But in addition to motion detectors, there are door and window detectors.

However, the UniquExceptional UMA20 is a separate infrared sensor. The security level cannot be compared to this system. However, this security system can also customize many detectors. This effect allows the range you control to be safe.

The security system using Fortress Security does not require drilling, wiring, etc… The detectors of this system can all be powered by batteries.

It is worth mentioning, Auto-dialer function will call up to 6 designated phone numbers in case of a security breach. It can communicate with the free mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices. Enabling the landline on the S03 system will allow.

Since your Fortress system will still work as a local alarm with no monthly fees or contracts required, your wallet will thank you for the extra savings each month.

Do you need a land line for the phone or will it dial a cell phone number?

ACTUALLY, NO! You could use VoIP instead of a landline. Get an OBI box, compatible with Google Voice (create an account and get a phone number in your area code) and connect to your phone and then to your router. Turns a landline phone into a VoIP phone and uses your ethernet router to place calls. No landline required.

I would say, the Fortress Security is a pretty decent and affordable option if you want to build your own custom security and take control of your security in to your own hands.

What we like
  • Prices at a good value
  • After-sales refund policy
  • Compatible with other sensors
What we regret
  • Set Ethernet time

5.Viper 1-Way Keyless Entry – Professional Car Alarm System

Professional Car Alarm System

After screening by our engineers, we recommend Viper’s professional car alarm. The tester was very satisfied with Viper’s alarm effect. Considering this product is suitable for professional installation. So we placed him behind the easy-to-install product.

How does Viper’s alarm system work?

With a FailSafe starter kill system and Anti-Carjacking mode, you can be sure that would be thieves wont be going anywhere with your vehicle. You can even hook up a remote start to the Viper 350 Plus if you wanted to.

The 3105V is one of our most popular alarm systems that we carry and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a long time so make sure you get yours today!

This shock sensor utilizes warning chirps for minor disturbances and will trip the alarm if it detects more serious impacts or disruptions. Most dual zone shock sensors have adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms or warnings.

These sensors let would-be thieves know that your vehicle is equipped with an advanced alarm system and to keep away.

“The key fobs are well built and aren’t flimsy. When installing have the car horn paired with the regular horn that comes with it so they sound together. ”

In addition, Viper alarm is also equipped with a remote control that allows you to unlock your car. It is worth noting:3-Channel 1-way Security System with Keyless Entry 4-Button remotes. Additional options include remote starter & GPS Tracking.

In general, even we realize that it is a very professional system. We regret that this kind of alarm installation is cumbersome. If you don’t install it for professionals, you will waste a lot of time.

What we like
  • Cheap price
  • Many features
  • Efficient system
What we regret
  • Need to install the line

Purchase guide

Whether it is a house, an apartment, a car, or our RV. Choosing the right security system for installation can be tricky. The best alert for a RV usually has the following characteristics that you might want to consider:

Several sensors

The RV can be changed in a number of ways. It can come from doors, windows, cargo holds, to name a few. Sensors that can be easily enforced at each of these points are critical to protecting your vehicle. For example, a system with a door sensor would help prevent illegal activities at different doors. Whether it is at the front door, the trunk or the hood.

However, this is not always enough. This is why you need additional sensors in the camper alarm system. The window sensor detects the sound of the broken glass, and the pressure sensor detects the change in the air pressure in the vehicle’s cab. When the window or door is open. external air is impulsive, which changes the atmospheric pressure within the vehicle and triggers an alarm. Therefore, these sensors can be a must-have solution to protect your RV.

Another very useful sensor is the motion sensor. It uses an infrared system to detect any form of motion near the camper. An alarm is raised if a person approaches the infrared sensor. Finally, there are some sensors called “tilt” that help trigger an alarm when the vehicle is raised at a specific angle, such as when towing.

Two-way remote control

Although most standard RV alarms are one-way systems. It won’t tell you when to take action on your vehicle. But the two-way remote control system gives you more control over the camper. For example, these systems provide feedback in the form of a light signal or message indicating whether your vehicle has been activated, whether the radio is turned on, or whether the air conditioning heating system has been activated. These control systems are very useful if they are not next to the vehicle. You can leave these questions to a friend or neighbor to help you close…

Encrypted transmission

Again, this is not a configuration that can be found in all alerts. But it is still very useful. Although this is very rare, many thieves use fully developed signal pirated devices. These devices bypass the digital safety alert of the RV alarm. But if you install an encrypted transmission alarm system, it will be much more difficult to attack your RV system.

Compatible mobile app

In other words, not all alerts are like this. But many vehicle security systems (cars or campers) now have dedicated mobile apps. Allows users to easily use their smartphone or tablet to control and manage their vehicle’s security system. Some even have OBD2 compatibility, allowing you to run a variety of diagnostics to maintain optimal vehicle performance. And keep you informed of any information that may affect its functionality.

Benefits of having a RV alarm

Although the RV alarm system does not necessarily prevent your vehicle from becoming part of the business (or any other illegal act). But they still offer many benefits, here are some:

Playing thief

The vehicle’s alarm system may not prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle or valuables. However, they really have to think twice before doing so. Because they have to implement their plans very carefully. Otherwise, anyone will notice the sound of the alarm (so the vehicle alarm system has a powerful deterrent.)

Reduce insurance costs

Insurance companies calculate based on various factors, including the suitability and safety of the vehicle. If they know that your car home does not have a security system, your insurance premium will be higher.

Easy to track or manage stolen vehicles

Some alarm systems come with built-in GPS devices that allow you to easily track the location of your vehicle. There are also models that connect to the car’s engine, cutting off the power to the motor, so that the car thief can’t drive your camper. The best part is that you can manage these controls on your smartphone or tablet.

Increase the resale value of your RV

Are you planning to sell your RV? Then, if your vehicle’s alarm security system is very good, you can easily resell your RV! Vehicles equipped with vehicle alarm systems will be more value-protected. Potential buyers know that they have the security system to protect their assets.

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