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If you don’t configure baby car mirror again, it is a disaster for your little angel.Small hands are moving. Crying intensifies. A soft sound confirms. If the front seat is more comfortable than the arms of his small owner. Unable to respond to Baby’s crying right away: only the back of car seat is visible in your position when you drive.

What could have caused the anger of your offspring? You will only park on the roadside to check the cause of his cries.

In the series of gadgets that make life easier for moms. The baby car mirror represents a growing trend that combines road safety and peace of mind for parents. Indeed, this car mirror allows you to see what your child does when car seat is placed back to the direction of the walk, and interact with him throughout the journey, without sacrificing your safety. How? Simply by fixing it on the headrest of the seat that faces your cherub. So, you can see both the cars that follow you and the baby at a glance in your rearview mirror!

To help you make the right choice. Edabc has reviewed 5 baby car mirrors. That worthy of accompanying you in all your travels. And if you are having trouble choosing which one best suits your needs, do not hesitate to take a look at our buying guide at the end of this review!To ensure safe driving, it is also necessary to check the car wiper. Please read other article for more information on the maintenance of Best Wiper Blades.

Top 5 Best Baby Car Mirrors

1. Shynerk13.6 x 7.8 x 1.8 inches
2. Zacro13.6 x 7.6 x 1.6 inches
3. So Peep11.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
4. Equinox Internationa11.8 x 0.8 x 7.5 inches
5. COZY GREENS9.9 x 8 x 3.2 inches

1. Shynerk – Car Mirror For Unbreakable Baby

Car Mirror For Unbreakable Baby

With generous dimensions (13.6 x 7.8 x 1.8 inches ) and a slight curvature, this baby rearview mirror gives you a wide and clear view at a glance. Rectangular, it has many advantages that combine ease of use and safety for your child:

a 360 ° orientation, perfect for finding the best viewing angle and watching baby in one look in your own rear view mirror;

a system of fixation by an adjustable double strap, supplemented by a foam reinforcement at the back of the mirror, which allows you to fix it to the headrests without damaging the coating

an unbreakable acrylic mirror and black polymer plastic, reinforced by a soft rubber frame to protect baby in case of a fall.

Easy to attach and remove, this mirror is perfect for parents who do not want to compromise between optimal field of vision and safety for their children. Users are satisfied with the size of this mirror and its speed of installation. However, some note a fragility in the mirror of the orientation of the mirror, too thin and brittle, and poor resistance to vibration during the journey, which makes it necessary to readjust the orientation of the mirror at each use.

What we like
  • Generous dimensions
  • Rubber reinforcements on the edges
  • Easy installation on any type of headrest
What we regret
  • Fragile at the level of the patella

2. Zacro – Cheap Mirror For Baby

Cheap Mirror For Baby

A little lighter than other models, this rear view mirror for baby is not left out about its size (13.6 x 7.6 x 1.6 inches ) and ease of use. It is based on an articulated plastic support, which allows a 360 ° orientation of the mirror. This mount securely attaches to any type of car headrest, thanks to its two adjustable straps, to cross at the back of the headrest.

Rounded at the corners, this mirror features a curved, unbreakable acrylic mirror encased in a strong black plastic structure. No risk of breakage in case of accidental fall! Simple in its design as in its use, this mirror for baby is a good value for money according to its users.

But again, some note a slight fragility in the articulated arm, which oscillates during journeys, or even breaks in some cases. It is therefore an interesting product for a first test, if you are not completely convinced of the usefulness of this accessory in your car!

What we like
  • Large dimensions and lightness of the product
  • Bend of the mirror that does not distort the image
  • Easy fixing
What we regret
  • Very simple design

3. So Peep – Car Mirror For Baby

Car Mirror For Baby

If you’re looking for a smaller, unseen baby rearview mirror, the So Peep surveillance mirror is for you! A little smaller than the other models we have reviewed (11.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches).

this mirror is distinguished by its bright yellow frame that catches your eye at first glance in your own rearview mirror . It also has a base that dampens the vibrations slightly, while being adjustable at 360 °. This way, you will be able to see how your baby behaves during the ride from your seat, even on the bumpy country roads.

This baby rearview mirror attaches to the headrests of your car by clipping and adjusting the two cross straps at the back, for added stability while driving.

Despite its estimated size more suitable for the narrow rear ranges of cars, and its color that does not go unnoticed. We note that the vibration damping device is not up to the promises of the manufacturer. Many users also deplore the absence of a small light to illuminate the mirror during night driving to further improve this product considered very satisfactory.

What we like
  • A frame color that catches the eye
  • The presence of a vibration damping device
  • Dimensions that allow good visibility of baby without obstructing the rear shelf
What we regret
  • A kneecap orientation a little fragile

4. Equinox Internationa – Baby Car Rearview Mirror

Baby Car Rearview Mirror

The Equinox International ride mirror is also a small template in this selection (11.8 x 0.8 x 7.5 inches), which allows you to keep an eye on your offspring without losing the field of vision. Unlike other models, you will not need to clip this mirror to a bracket to attach it to the headrest

from your back seat. Indeed, all parts of the mirror (the mounting bracket, the pivoting arm for the orientation of the mirror) are already assembled to each other, to gain strength, but also comfort.

No more rattling annoying because of a fixation a little too flexible! Quick to put in place, thanks to its two adjustable straps, this mirror offers a clear and undistorted image of your child’s little hands, when it makes you back.

Supplied with a small microfiber cloth for maintenance, this mirror is considered satisfactory, particularly because of its stability in bends and roads a little damaged. However, it remains a little more expensive than the other ranges of products offered, without offering particular features more notable.

What we like
  • 360 ° rotatable and easy to set up
  • Robust bindings, with very little play
  • A format that allows a wide field of vision
What we regret
  • Believed too rigid by some users

5. COZY GREENS – Very Good Mirror For Baby

Very Good Mirror For Baby

To complete this review, we offer COZY GREENS baby car mirror 9.9 x 8 x 3.2 inches to monitor your baby when you install it back to the road. The mirror is in tested that guaranteed unbreakable acrylic and the soft plastic frame, for more security in case of impromptu drop. Its black color allows it to be discreet when hooked to the headrest of your seats.

This car mirror is fixed with two adjustable straps, crossed at the back of the support. Adjustable in all directions (360 °) thanks to its pivot axis, it offers you a field of vision even more important because of its slight curve.

In use, the people who bought this mirror are satisfied with the image returned by the mirror, wide and undeformed, and highlight the practical and nomadic aspect of this object. However, many have complained in shopping reviews of the lower quality of the straps (sometimes disjointed) and the fragility of the clip-on clips (plastic considered too thin). A small flat for a consistent price-quality product.

What we like
  • less dangerous in the event of a fall
  • An interesting price-performance ratio
  • A wide rearview mirror that lets you see what the child does in every detail
What we regret
  • A little heavy compared to products of similar range

Which baby rearview mirror to choose?

Are you hesitating between two models of baby rearview mirror? You are not sure of the choice you made? Before you click on the “settle your basket” step, consult our purchase guide not to recycle your baby car mirror!

Look at the materials used

There are two reasons for the mirror material: the clarity of vision it offers and the potential danger. It may pose to your child in the event of a fall. As a general rule, mirror materials are divided into 2 categories, each with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Acrylic offers an optimal reflection quality, clear and without distortion of the image. Recognized as robust, this material remains brittle when subjected to violent shocks. It is therefore recommended to choose a model made of acrylic anti-shock for more safety, as proposed by the brands Zacro or So Peep ride;
  • The mirror made of plastic treated with a reflective material is a solid and safe solution for a child’s mirror. Very light and tending to twist more than to break in case of a fall, it however has limited performance in terms of quality and deformation of the reflected image.
The size and curvature for an optimal field of vision

The size of the mirror is an important parameter to take into account.

The purpose of your purchase is to have maximum visibility on your little one at a glance at your own rear view mirror.

Choose a large enough mirror that placed on a headrest. It will allow you to see not only the face but also the hands of your child.

As such, the slightly curved mirrors offer a good compromise between mirror size and possible field of vision.

However, whether the curved mirror you have chosen does not distort your reflection too much. The brands COZY GREENS and Equinox Internationa combine large dimensions and curvatures for a wide vision of your cherub.

Be careful, if your rear shelf is rather narrow: the mirrors for babies a little too big can increase the size of your blind spot when you do a reverse.

In this case, prefer a mirror of a slightly smaller size, like the models produced by COZY GREENS and Equinox Internationa ride.

That  offer identical performances to large formats, at the cost of a little more time spent in settings.

Double attachment for more stability

Baby mirrors usually attach to the rear seat headrest of your car. Some models offer additional fasteners in the event that there is no head restraint. The most common fastening models are in the form of a short strap. To be attached around the head restraint in the manner of a belt. For more stability of the mirror. That do not risk a fall unfortunate. Prefer a model of attachment with a double strap to cross behind the headrest. Also be sure to check the type of fastening of the straps to the mirror. That including the strength and flexibility of it. To make your daily life easier when you change car.

Protect without weighing down

Although rare, falling baby rearview mirror on your dear toddler is not an event to rule out. To avoid having to drive your child to emergencies. Prefer mirrors with rounded corners. That are difficult to break. With rubber reinforcements, like the models presented by the Shynerk brand.

The little extras that make the difference

Baby mirrors are simple objects in their use and design.

If you hesitate between two models that have the same characteristics. Take a look at small accessories that optimize the use of the product. That make it more interesting for baby: a night position, or low light of the mirror can be interesting to drive. Monitor your child without being dazzled by the reverberation of the headlights on the mirror.

Some models also feature small straps or hooks. That can hook your child’s favorite toys and stuffs. To encourage them to look in the direction of the mirror and entertain them during the ride.

Finally, some brands offer anti-vibration devices to improve the stability of the mirror. (like the Equinox Internationa brand). or accessories to maintain the mirror. (as in the pack proposed by So Peep Ride).More than just another gadget to add to the long list of driving aids.

these mirrors are also a way to keep interacting with your child while driving. Be careful, not to fool yourself with priorities!Although your child is the most precious thing in your life.

that do not be distracted by his facial expressions (or nonsense) while driving. Your safety and that of other road users depend on it!

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