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It’s important to have good cat litter box if you have one or more cats. therefore,cat litter box is indeed a primary object for the well-being of your favorite animal. It should be chosen with care.

Do you know how to choose the best cat litter box to install at home?

When we talk of a litter box, let’s imagine this plastic case. It will collect something automatically: smells, small pieces of litters scattered everywhere on the floor. If these problems can’t be solved, the daily chore of cleaning that falls to you.

In addition, do not neglect what your cat will think of their litter! That must feel at ease and be able to have enough privacy to do his needs without shame. It must be taken into account, because it will be their toilet for several years!

There are different types of litter boxes, more or less technological. We have the classic tray without a lid, the cat litter box, the litter box and even some self-cleaning electronic versions. A wide range, which will allow you to find the cat toilet of your dreams (those of your cat!).
shopping guide that you will find at the end of the article. We answer any questions that you may have about this important acquisition. So , that you can offer the best service to your pet. In addition, Edabc has reviewed 6 of the most interesting litter boxes, which guarantee both perfect hygiene and comfort for your feline, and ease of maintenance for you.

Here are our best cat liiter box choices!

Best Cat Litter Box 2019

Here you will find 6 products that will allow all budgets to choose the right litter for their cat. From the simplest to the most innovative, here are the cat litter box we reviewed for you!

1. Catit Easy To CleanCommon
2. IRISTop Entry
4. Nature's MiracleNo Cover
5. New Age PetBig Size
6. PetSafe Self-CleaningElectric

1. Catit Easy To Clean – The Best Cat Litter Box

The Best Cat Litter Box

The Catit brand offers a particularly nice cat litter box. With its Imitation modern design, you can place it in your living room or kitchen, without it denotes. But the benefits of these cat toilets do not stop there!

This bin is equipped with a sliding drawer, placed under the main body. As a result, cleaning the bedding will be child’s play. You just need to remove the drawer to remove the feces of your cat very easily, using the shovel hole provided which also places above the box. This bin separates from the rest and you can empty it and fill it with the new litter without any problems.

We appreciate the functional swing door, which opens easily, because even a kitten will be able to push with his little paws. This litter box is intended for medium sized cats, because it measures 22.4 long x 18.3 high x 20 wide in inches, and it will be perfectly valid for the owners of 2 cats. Not really bulky, but it’s not a tiny model either. It is easily transportable, with a light weight (2 pounds) and especially a foldable carrying handle attached to the top.

“Very good litter box, the color is consistent with the photo, the design is atypical and especially it perfectly filters odors while allowing to remove the tray easily! Not very heavy and easy to carry thanks to the handle on the roof. A shovel is provided with; The transparent swing door is removed from the picture because my cat is wearing a collar.”
Among its great qualities, its anti-odor system is remarkable.

This deodorant material has the same features as the wiper rubber used in automobiles. You can read the expert evaluation of best wiper if you want to know more about the material of the wiper. This litter has a filter located in a small hatch on its lid, which captures 100% of the odors emitted by the small business of your cat. It can be changed more easily via the compartment provided for this purpose.

This litter box for cat is sold with a small carpet cleaner, which is placed at the exit of the litter. This way, your cat will be able to wipe his legs when entering or leaving his toilet. In use, you will see them scrape their pads at each pass, proof that they appreciate!

So we have a litter box that combines a particularly successful aesthetic appearance with a convenience that will satisfy both your cat and yourself. For you, the cleaning will no longer be a chore and the fact that no smell emanates from the litter will be a relief. For your feline, this comfortable litter will give him a welcome intimacy and will be his little pleasure when he has to relieve himself. Probably the best cat litter box for homeowners who put their cat’s toilets in a visible place.

What we like
  • The cleaning drawer that facilitates the emptying of the litter
  • The compartment with the anti-odor filter
  • Practical swing door
  • A cat litter box very pretty, with its moden style!
What we regret
  • Too small for big cats that will feel cramped

2. IRIS – Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Box

If you are looking for a cheap and practical cat litter box, then the IRIS model might be right for you. With a simple white plastic construction, and a classic design, this large litter is available at a small price.

With dimensions of 20.47″L x 16.14″W x 14.56″H, it is a model that will be perfect for many cats, even if they are large. Inside, the animals will be comfortable and can turn around without difficulty to adopt the position in which they will be most comfortable. As such, the large transparent door provides a significant brightness for the cat, which will feel more comfortable in his toilet.

Unique and stylish design that gives your feline friend privacy. But it has a slight disadvantage if you have a kitten, for example: it is raised. As a result, a cat that is too small will have trouble climb out! To discourage owners of small cats.

Apart from this characteristic. It can be noted the presence of a charcoal filter. particularly effective in preventing odors from spreading. Charcoal filters are famous for their effectiveness and it is confirmed that they do small miracles. Even with the litter box next to the sofa in the living room. no smell disturbs the harmony of the room. Be careful however to a detail: the filters are not provided, and their purchase will be done separately .

“Sleek and beautiful litterbox! Very classy & makes cleaning litter a breeze! At first it was bigger then expected but once I put it where my old litter box was I realized it fit a lot nicer then my old litter box did which was HUGE & had a hood! It took me a second to figure out where to hook the litter scooper but I got it now 🙂 ”
The advantage of this cat litter box is its easy opening on the roof.

You can fold down the lid, and block it well, which greatly facilitates the collection of excrement. You will have a free hand when you clean the bedding which will make it more convenient to fill your garbage bag.

Finally, those who move the litter.especially to wash it. That will appreciate the carrying handle. Sometimes you have to fix them properly twice. Because of plastic finishes that are not perfect at that level.

For a large cat litter box, this IRIS brand is an interesting choice for budget travelers. Plastic quality does not guarantee an eternal lifespan. but it will do for a long time. Your cat should appreciate the space that will be offered inside.

What we like
  • Lifting lid for easy cleaning
  • Stylish design
  • A small price
What we regret
  • Odor filters not provided

3.AmazonBasics – Cheap Litter Box

Cheap Litter Box

AmazonBasics offers here a litter box cheap and very classic, both in its design and in its use. However, it is a choice that could be perfect for single cat owners, who do not want a litter model too cumbersome.

This litter box for cat is divided into two parts: the removable upper part, which is disengaged to facilitate cleaning. You only need to remove the side clips to remove the entire lid, and remove the excrement and change the litter. This part has a handle for grasping and moving, and a swing door for your cat’s coming and going.

The second part of this cat toilet is the litter box. Designed in a pretty basic plastic, it is simplistic but has a double rim that ensures that there will be no leakage of urine.

“I absolutely love this litter box. It’s a great color. Sleek enough to have in a living space like mine.. (an apartment in NYC) I love that the flap is black so it hides it pretty well and keeps the smell out. Very easy to put together and very easy to take apart when it’s time to clean! I’ve tried many liter boxes in the past and this definitely is my absolute favorite!”

This litter is very light, with a weight of just 2.7 pounds , and will not take up too much space. Measures 20.6 by 15.6 by 15 inches (LxWxH); door opening measures 7 by 7.5 inches (WxH). which is mainly for medium-sized cats. A little coated may feel a little cramped!

The door retains odors rather well, without doing miracles.

It opens fairly easily, even for a small cat, but be careful to mount it in the right direction! Otherwise, you will feel like it is blocking a little and it could scare your cat!

The litter box of the brand AmazonBasics is a quality product more than correct, offered at a mini price. At this rate, we can only be satisfied with the quality / price offered. Only its slightly flashy design will bother those who thought to place these cat toilets in a visible place. For others, be aware that this is not a luxury bedding. but it will be suitable for what it was created for.

What we like
  • Light and small
  • Double anti overflow rim
  • A good price-performance ratio
What we regret
  • A little too flashy design

4. Nature’s Miracle’s Cat Litter Box For Small Cats

Cat Litter Box For Small Cats

Want to give your cat an original litter box? The Nature’s Miracle’s cat branded model should please you! It is the brand Nature’s Miracle who proposes this collaboration with the famous cat, hero of a series of the same name! You will see the character having fun with a mouse, or you fix, with its mischievous air, from the walls of the litter! But apart from its aesthetic qualities.

what is this litter box for cats?

It must be known that it is an open litter, without lid, which does not retain odors. To minimize discomfort, you will need to either place this litter box in an isolated location, or use crystal bedding to absorb the foul odors from your favorite hairball feces.

In the form of a rather simplistic plastic tray. you have a very classic bedding. The bin will be filled with litter and emptied once full. It has raised edges that prevent urine or dirt from spilling out of the bin. It is intended for cats, mainly, but also for small animals such as rabbits.

The dimensions of this cheap litter box must be taken into account because it will not be suitable for all cats. Indeed, with a size of 23 inches Length x 18.5 inches Width x 11 inches Height. it is especially intended for kittens or small cats. As it does not have a lid, the risks of projections are great and the too big cats will put everywhere! Better to reserve this litter box for small cats!

The side clips seem a little fragile, and they could break with use, because of a semi-rigid plastic manufacturing. This is a defect that is valid for all of this litter box. but if you opt for this model for occasional use (to go on vacation for example), or as a first litter for your kitten. then you will not regret not that choice. At this price, there is nothing to say!

What we like
  • An original litter box with Simon’s cat!
  • Easy to clean
  • Good value for money
What we regret
  • No lid

5. New Age Pet Cat Litter Box

New Age Pet Cat Litter Box

If you have a large cat, you need an New Age Pet litter box. Designed to accommodate the largest cat breeds, such as Maine Coon Norwegian cats or sacred Burmese, this litter is 23.6 (L) x 18.5 (W) x 22.0 (H) and weighs over 3 pounds. So you have to have a space big enough to accommodate this product, but if you have a big cat, that should not be a problem!

This litter box offered by New Age Pet is a matte black pretty, which allows not to denote too much if you place it in the corner of a room. It consists of 2 parts: a lower tray that will accommodate the droppings of your pet, and an upper part with a grid. This is to prevent your cat from getting dirty litter in his pads and scatters all over your home!

Your cat will be comfortable in these toilets. The litter Loo is constructed from eco-conscious Eco FLEX and features a fold down front door for easy cleaning and sides vents for proper ventilation. The opaque door guarantees privacy and light, for maximum comfort. On your side, no risk of being bothered by bad smells.

“The material is a heavy plastic, assembled with plastic “thumb screws” so it can be disassembled and washed with water. Assembly takes about 5 minutes. I am satisfied with how it looks and feels. The Breeze Litter system does fit though very tight. The lid will need to be removed to pull the whole litter box out for cleaning.”
The organic granules used for this litter box.

which areMade from a non-toxic blend of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood. That can be used as cat litter box. You will only have to remove the droppings with the small shovel provided and intended for that.

Easy-to-clean, pet urine simply rinses off and doesn’t soak in, No Tools Required. Simple and efficient !

In the end, New Age Pet offers here a relatively classic litter. but who does the work! Great for big cats, with space and efficient charcoal filters to remove annoying odors. this will be the perfect choice for massive cat owners!

What we like
  • Roomy enough for larger cats
  • Simple to clean
  • Very classic design
What we regret
  • Installation trouble

6. PetSafe Self-Cleaning And Anti-Odor Cat Litter Box

Anti-Odor Cat Litter Box

Did you know that there were electronic litters that cleaned themselves? That’s what the PetSafe brand offers, to improve your daily life with your cat.

This self-cleaning cat litter box comes in the form of a removable tray covered with a privacy lid, which allows your cat to do his needs away from prying eyes. But where this model stands out from conventional litter is its automatic cleaning function.

The lower bin is filled with a crystal bedding (supplied) that captures odors. When your cat needs it, the urine is absorbed so that the smells disappear. And if he does the big commission? An automatic cleaning system is activated every 20 minutes depending on the setting chosen to remove the droppings!

A cleaning rake snaps into place and rakes the entire area of the litter box. With small stainless steel rods. It will silently transport the excrement into a compartment at the end of the litter. So that they are no longer outdoors. Thus, there is no smell and the litter is clean for the next passage of your cat!

For your cat, it is the assurance to have available cleaned toilets at all times. It will take pleasure to go to the litter. So more pee on the floor or in the bath if you forget to clean the litter! For you, this is an added convenience.

because if you only have one cat, this type of litter will last 1 month before needing to be replaced.
“I waited a solid 3 months before posting this review so I could get a good feel for this product. I considered buying this for a very long time and now I wish I would have done it sooner! I’m sure all cats and households are different, but this has been a lifesaver for me. I used to be able to smell the cat litter throughout the whole upstairs and there was clay litter dust ALL over the room it was in. Now, there is zero smell, zero mess and I barely have to do any work to upkeep it.”

On this cat litter box self-cleaning. Note its very easy installation. A health meter that records the frequency of passage in the litter of your cat. What to monitor your cat’s health effectively. Among the more pleasant ones is the presence detection sensor.

which means that in no case will automatic cleaning be triggered in the presence of the animal!The model is quite heavy. Because of the presence of an electronic system. since it weighs nearly 18 pounds. However, its dimensions remain standard ( 27.4 x 19 x 7 inches), and perfectly adapted to all cat sizes.

Optionally, various elements can be added for even more interesting performance. Such as a kibble dispenser. What to offer your cat a real life of dreams!

Here we have the best litter box on the market. With an innovative and particularly well-designed product. Of course, this model priced higher than conventional cat litter box. but its durability, its warranty and the comfort offered to your cat deserve your full interest.

What we like
  • The awesome electronic self-cleaning system
  • No smell comes out of the litter
  • Very easy installation
What we regret
  • The high price

Shopping guide to choose the best litter box for your cat: all our selection criteria!

Discover the benefits of choosing a litter box for your cat. as well as the main selection criteria that you will need to consider. Thus, you will choose the best litter boxes for your pet and for you!

Why use a cat litter box?

Cats are animals that like cleanliness. Buying a cat litter box is paramount, to match you with this character trait of the animal! If not, the feline will look for a place to go to. or it may not suit you.

Therefore,Having a cat litter box is the guarantee for the cat. You can centralize its excrement . it is a source of additional well-being: it will have a little corner for them!

The different types of cat litter box

There is not just one litter box model for cat. Depending on your cat’s breed, the number of cats in your home and the configuration of your home. You will choose the most suitable one that you want.

  • Basic litter box, which is just a plastic box that you fill with cat sand, sawdust or litter crystals.
  • Complete cat toilet house, which is a covered shelter for your cat. What to limit the spread of bad smells and ensure the privacy of your cat.
  • Self-cleaning cat litter box (like the PetSafe model) , which uses an electronic system to isolate your pet’s droppings and avoid having to change the litter manually every day.

The Large Cat Litter Box, which will do not feel cramped to do their needs.

The main criteria for selecting the best cat litter box are:

The practicality of cleaning

You will very often clean the litter of your cat. So opt for a model that is simple to wash! We love the practicality of the Catit litter bins, with the lid removed for easy cleaning.


Some models will not be suitable for kittens, while others will be too small for big cats. Pay attention to litter size when choosing your model. Especially if you have multiple cats.

In addition, choose its location at home before purchase. To be sure that the model don’t need to return!

Good odor treatment

Cat owners know how much litter odors can be unpleasant! To avoid suffering, choose an effective anti-odor model. In this area, charcoal filters are famous, and they equip the right litter boxes like IRIS.


We advise you to favor the models with cover. Because they keep smells better than open models. In addition, it is a way to offer your cat a real intimacy.

However, Be careful with the most fearful cats. Sometimes, It refuse to enter a covered box!

The litter tray design

The litter box could be in a crossing point in your home. So nice as it looks! You will be able to choose the originality (with the Nature’s Miracle’s cat litter box !) Or a neat design like the proposed by AmazonBasics.

Supplied accessories

We love a shovel with excrement and filters are provided. In the same way that it can be appreciated to have a litter refill to receive the litter box.

As an option, the cleaning mat and the anti-dirt grill are very nice!

The price of the litter box

The price of litter boxes for cats are very variable! You can find models for less than 10 $. For more technological cat litter box, The price can reach 200 $. For you to see, according to your budget. What is the best cat litter box for your pet !

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