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Cause the best dog robot has always been the favorite of children. As every year, you decided to sacrifice a quiet Saturday to visit a big toy store.

The goal: to start writing the famous “Letter to Santa“. That sounds of the end year festivities. Like Gremlins in overdose of sweets, your charming toddlers squeak on the shelves. Stating all the benefits of this latest model doll. Or the absolute necessity of yet another collection of expensive Pokémon cards.

However, at the bend of the plush comb. A crowd formed: all shapes of robot dogs sing, rolls and wriggle tail under the amazed eyes of the little ones. Yours are not left out and declare with a disarming assurance. They do not intend to live a second more without a robot dog at home.

How to choose safe and quality dog robot for your child?

  • Choose futuristic or realistic?
  • In fur or plastic?
  • With remote control?
  • Which robot dog will be best suited to accompany your children in their daily adventures?

In order to help you, Edabc has reviewed 7 different robot dogs (all available on Amazon). That can meet all your wishes and those of your children. And if you hesitate between two similar models. You will find the answer in our shopping guide. Many children also like cats. But they can’t find a good Cat Litter Box.If you have trouble with this issue, please read this article about Best Cat Litter Box.

Top 5 Dog Robot 2019

1. ContixoTechnology
2. Joy For AllPlush
3. FiscaTechnology
5. AnkiTechnology

1. Contixo – The Robot Dog That Obeys Your Finger And Voice

the robot dog that obeys your finger and voice

Do you want a robot dog with more real-life behavior? The Contixo will meet your requirements.

Unlike other products of similar range. This robot dog is equipped with a technology associating voice recognition and motion sensors. It allows the small owner to be literally obeyed by the finger and the voice. That without the help of any remote control. A “clever” robot, Contixo barks, cries, whines, sings and plays antics according to its mood. The attention your child has to him day after day. Supplied with a ball to meet the natural needs of any self-respecting dog. This robot dog can also connect to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated application. You will have access to additional features that will allow you to diversify the type of activities offered by manufacturers.

Nice and fun for many users of amazon. Ditto, if you do not do the right combination of gestures and voice commands: Contixo will not move the body. It can also be as noisy as its living model. Lack of possible volume adjustment. Small flats that can make use difficult for young children.

What we like
  • App for a more engaging gaming experience
  • A hard plastic model, solid and designed for the long term
  • Sensors of movement and sound that allow interactions similar to those that one would have with a real dog (reacts to the caresses and to the voice)
What we regret
  • A sensitive vocal sensor

2. Joy For All – Companion Pets Golden Pup Lifelike & Realistic

Companion Pets Golden Pup Lifelike

It wriggles when we take it in its arms. That can walk on a leash without any programming! The JOY FOR ALL is a small companion to unbeatable value for money. That will satisfy children who are old enough to walk and just want to pretend to have a dog.

Indeed, the JOY FOR ALL is a plush mounted on a spring frame. That mimics the jumping of a puppy player when walking on a leash. The washable hard plastic tabs allow your child to walk everywhere. Even in the garden, the small bell can use to the neck of the stuffed toy. That tells you whether your child is playing near or not.

Simple in use and resistant. This dog will make parents laugh and entertain young children. From the moment they know how to walk alone.

What we like
  • A real dog
  • Soft plush to the touch
  • It uses mechanical springs to move
What we regret
  • Dangerous for the child to use without the supervision of an adult (risk of strangulation)

3. Fisca – The Interactive Robot Dog Connected

The Interactive Robot Dog Connected

Smaller than its predecessor voice recognition. The Fisca is a good compromise to test an interactive robot dog at a reasonable price. The motion and sound sensors built into the robot dog. That allow you to interact with it in a simple way. Talk to him: the expression of its eyes changes. It begins to bark with joy or whine. Caress its head: he becomes happy and asks for more. Make a hand gesture: it sits down and makes a back flip. Several buttons on the robot’s head unlock other features such as singing, dancing or funny sounds. That will be fun little master.

The fisca is delivered without accessories: these are stored in the augmented reality application. Designed to multiply the situations of games. In addition to the “basic” features that you can perform with the control buttons. The application allows you to launch a virtual ball to your dog. Feed him, dress him up or take him to the vet when he is sad. The expression of the “real” robot changes according to the “virtual” actions. You execute on the application for more realism.

Easier to use than the fisca. Thanks to the mobile application that serves as a remote control. The fisca retains some defects. Such as its noisy and energy-hungry sides.

What we like
  • More compact
  • The application facilitates the handling of the robot
  • Responds to the different actions of its owner in a fluid way
What we regret
  • Energy hungry

4. Meva – Dog Toy Pet With Remote Control Leash

Dog Toy Pet With Remote Control Leash

Long, silky white hairs that are easy to cuddle. A flashy pink leash for a walk. A tail moves realistically: Meva meets all the right criteria to become the best companion for your little ones girls.

Meva looks like a real bichon when not on a leash. It barks softly, which will delight the parents’ ears. That moves noiselessly through the house to follow the children. Rather easy to use (three features, a power button on the belly. Another on the back to change the program). This robot dog turns off automatically after 5 minutes of non-use. Its soft head allows cuddling and its semi-rigid legs offer a good stability on the move. That perfect for little masters of 36 months and more.

Meva is a robot dog that will accompany the little steps of your toddler throughout the day. On the other hand, it is not interactive for money. Your children will have to use their imagination to have fun with this animated stuffed animal. Difficult also to take bath Fluffy. Because of its metal frame and battery device in his belly. So expect its legs a little gray after a while. Like a real bichon!

What we like
  • Small size
  • Extra fancy
  • Automatic shutdown
What we regret
  • No accessories are provided outside the leash

5. Anki – Educational Toy Robot for Kids

Educational Toy Robot for Kids

If you’re looking for educational robot that does not lack peps. Anki robot dog seems all right! Designed for children from 9 to 36 months. Anki teaches its owner the colors, numbers, songs and even words in English. Thanks to Its progressive learning style. Anki constantly encourages the child in its discoveries. That adapts its questions according to age. It can develop its listening and curiosity.

Your toddler has a fool? No worries, Anki dances with him to the rhythm. If he is too shy to imagine his own movements. It gives instructions and proposes real choreographies to develop the motricity of the child. True fireworks lights and sounds that can entertain children for hours. Anki also knows how to be more discreet for tired parents. Thanks to the volume control knob.

Colorful and dynamic, the Anki robot dog has already conquered many families. Who emphasize the pleasure of their children to dance at the same time as the robot. However, some prefer the blue version of Anki. That offers additional fun activities in comparison.

Ready to adopt a robot dog? Our advice not to deceive you!

Certainly, to choice a robot dog has less difficult. However, sometimes just a simple detail. To relegate your bionic dog to the niche of unused toys by your toddlers. You hesitate between several models? Here are some tips to make sure that your robot dog becomes the favorite toy of the household!

At each age robot dog!

The first reason, children give up a toy. Because of their ability to use the toy easily or not. In fact, In order to assess the suitability of your purchase. it is important to consult the manufacturer’s age recommendations.

For example, some models of dog-robots. like Meva are aimed at toddlers. Therefore, Designed with an educational focus. Such as learning shapes and colors. Others are simple “animated stuffed animals”, perfect for the walk like Joy For All. Some models offer limited interactions using a remote control (Anki). Others, more sophisticated. That will behave like real dogs. It can ask the child to do several complex manipulations to achieve the desired result. Such as the range Contixo.

Do not overestimate the abilities of your child. Keep in mind that the pleasure he / she will have with the robot dog. It is more important than any psychological or psychomotor benefit he or she may gain.

A “smart” robot dog?

By “intelligent”, we mean the degree of interactivity that can offer the robot dog. Interactivity can be unilateral or simple. Like Fisca and most models provided with a remote control: the child presses a button, the robot dog “obeys”.

A more interactive model, or “smart” model. That will require more effort from the child to achieve the desired result. It get closer to the behavior of a real animal. For example, models that ask the child to repeat several times the same series of actions to “teach” the dog to obey. Or the models of Contixo, which express “feelings” (like sadness). That will ask the child to act (caress the robot dog to make him happy again). Depending on the abilities of your child and his desires. You will choose a more or less interactive model.

Never run out of energy

Like his animal cousin who swallows a bowl of kibble faster. The robot dog can be particularly energy-hungry. Especially if it offers many features. Be sure to check the power of the toy (battery) as well as the average duration of autonomy in normal use. In the long run, some dog-robots that are cheaper to buy. But which are greedy in batteries can come back as expensive as models. That are a bit more upscale, but more energy efficient.

Durability and strength

The clean of a toy is to survive hours of use by clumsy little hands. It’s not always very clean, while keeping good pace. If your child is a notorious ironbreaker. Prefer a slightly less sophisticated model and a little more robust. So you do not have to throw your robot dog after an afternoon of play! Similarly, beware of dog-robots that have a coating stuffed. Or cloth difficult to wash if no device has been provided by the manufacturer on this subject. Meva is unfortunately good examples in this case.

The accessories

Many robot dogs come with accessories. To customize the toy interact with it. Or multiply the possibilities of play by adding new features. These extras are significant to extend the life of this toy. It push the moment when your child will not be interested. They do not prove indispensable as in the case of Anki. Where the bone to gnaw is a real remote control to direct the robot dog at will.

In addition, do not forget to check the compatibility of your smartphone or tablet. If you opt for a model with an application to download. It would be a shame to deprive you of new features for a stupid unsupported version issue.

There you go ! You now have all the cards in hand to adopt a furry electronic fighter. That will entertain both young and old! While waiting to acquire the real indefatigable hairball. Get ready for a few hours of bustle in your living room! Good luck !

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